Tile and grout cleaning


Tile and grout are one of the most abused and overlooked floors and wall surfaces in the home because they usually takes so much work to clean them. No one is anxious to relive the terrible memories of scrubbing each tile and grout line for hours with a small brush and of using those irritating, harsh, and unsafe tile and grout cleaning chemicals. Most of us would rather rearrange our sock drawer. Most of the issues I come across with tile and grout cleaning is installation. It is usually the tile was not seated properly or the grout was not mixed properly. ​ ​So why is this an issue for me? Well I'm trying to get the grit and grime out of your tile and grout and to achieve this I use the best tile and grout cleaning chemicals but also very high pressure sometimes as high as 1200 P.S.I. When this pressure hits improperly mixed grout it usually pulls that grout right out of its seat. How do I solve this Problem? First Inspection and testing before we begin tile and grout cleaning. This takes time and I can let you know of my expectation before I start. Next I start with lower pressures for tile and grout cleaning and work my way up to the highest possible pressure without doing major damage. Then I make sure your involved with the process every step of the way. What about sealers? Sealers are a must if you are having tile and grout cleaning done. One difference with me and other companies is after I have sealed your grout I buff the floor with a buffing machine so there is no residue left and your floors look like they are brand new and were just installed.