Carpet Repair in Draper Utah and surrounding areas


Carpet Repair and Restretching

 Carpet Repair in Draper Utah and surrounding areas

Sometimes a simple carpet repair is all you need, especially in high traffic areas. The area of your house that takes the most abuse is the area under your feet. Carpet can become worn and tired over time, enduring high traffic, extensive use, being rolled over, pushed against, and more. Certain areas of your carpet can quickly and easily become worn, loose, and stretched out. Our Carpet Repair services aim to restore your carpet's firmness, toughness, and aesthetics by re-stretching and repairing those worn out areas.

It is not necessary to pay for the purchase of new carpet when your existing carpet can be repaired at a fraction of the cost. This translates to saving thousands of dollars compared to replacing with new flooring.

Whether this appears in your home or place of business, wrinkled and damaged carpet is unsightly and can create tripping hazards. Carpet repair and re-stretching will give your rooms a face-lift as well as ensure the safety of you and your guests. It will also prolong the life of your flooring and help prevent permanent damage. Carpet Care and Repair will eliminate the problems and help make your carpet look like new.

We operate in the entire Salt Lake Valley. Down south we service the cities of Sandy and Draper, towards the north we are repairing carpets in Salt Lake city and Sugar House we even repair carpets in Park City Utah. Carpet Restretching in Lehi Utah

Connie Watts, Cedar Hills, UT

"Thank you for saving my carpets. Carpet repair and carpet stretching saved us thousands of dollars."