Pet urine Removal in Draper Utah and surrounding areas

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State of the art pet urine removal


Area rug pet urine removal


What are the 4 different options for Pet Urine Removal?

Pet Urine Removal in Draper Utah

Light - 50-60% Improvement - I black-light to find the pet urine spots. before I set up my equipment I spray the areas with our Premium Odor Pet Urine Remover Bio Modifier Xtreme with Hydrocide and let it dwell for at least 20 minutes. This is a treatment not pet urine removal and is what 90% of the companies out there perform. It is the most cost effective and for people on a tight budget it is what I recommend.

Moderate -75%- 85% Improvement - This is where I get into pet urine removal. First I flush the affected area with a strong acid that is safe on carpet to break down the salt crystals and return them to there original state. Then I extract with our Sub-Surface extractor (pictured below) while flushing with fresh water this removes most all of the urine. Next I saturate with our Premium Odor Remover Bio Modifier Xtreme with Hydrocide this product is just incredible, I could go into the science but I will spare you the technical jargon. One thing that is nice is unlike before once the food source (urine deposit) are gone the enzyme return to spore form and become dormant, but do not die. They are ready to reactivate when Sparky goes Pee Pee again. I am not talking billions of enzymes like the old days but trillions, This product is state-of-the-art for carpet cleaning and Odor removal in draper Utah

Severe - 95-99% Improvement - This is also removal of the urine but I take it a little farther. First I pull up the affected carpet and remove the padding, then i seal the sub-floor with a premium shellac-based sealer, clean the front and back of the carpet removing the urine and then apply my Premium Odor Remover Bio Modifier Xtreme with Hydrocide. I then replace the padding matching the existing padding as close as possible then re-install the carpet. As I go from light to severe the cost and improvement go up.

Replace -100% Improvement - We sell new carpet, come visit our 6000 sq.ft. showroom and we will guide you through the buying process. We also provide the very best installation in Utah. All our installations are guaranteed for the life of your carpet.