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 If your looking for a cheap carpet cleaning service then I am not the carpet cleaner for you, but if your looking for the best possible professional carpet cleaning in Utah then give me a call. I only use the best products and equipment and strongly believe experience and education are the most important factors in any business. I stand behind my work 100% and I have one of the best guarantees in Utah. My clients trust me and refer me to friends and family every day and I appreciate their loyalty. Because over 85% of my business comes from repeat, referral business. I am offering you this special so you can try my professional carpet cleaning service at the same price as the fly by knight, wet and jet, bait and switch companies charge. My hope is that you will want to use my professional carpet cleaning services in the future. I do not believe in high pressure sales and if you do not like my quote i will respectfully leave and thank you for your time. 

Steve Heller

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"Price is what you pay, Value is what you receive!"​


Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction (H.W.E.) or (Steam Cleaning) is the only method that all major carpet manufactures recommend today. The thought of carpet being wet for more than 6-12 hours is just unheard in my system and we have been able to get carpet dry in under 4 hours with just some extra simple steps. Over-wetting the carpet, which is is the #1 complaint in our industry is usually a result of two factors.

1. Faulty equipment or improper truck-mount maintenance. We only use the best products and equipment and strictly maintain our truck-mount every 100 hours.

​2. Technician Error. This is where experience and education come into focus.

I spend a lot of money for my education just so I can stay on the cutting edge of my industry and provide you with the very best carpet cleaning results.

​Why is Truck-mount carpet cleaning or (H.W.E.) better than portable or home carpet cleaning machines?

It's called the rule of 18. At 118 degrees my truck-mount carpet cleaning machine doubles the effectiveness, at 136 degrees it is 4 times as effective, at 154 degrees it's 8 times more effective and at 190 degrees it's 32 times more effective. Even though my machine will get up to 230-250 degrees by the time it runs through the line and hits the cool carpet (causing steam) it cools to around 190-200 degrees which is what the carpet manufactures recommend. Some fibers can be damaged at higher temperatures. So what does this mean? I use less chemical to clean with and I don't have re-soiling problems like the portables and home cleaners, so your carpets get cleaner and stays cleaner longer.

My carpet cleaning machine has stronger suction getting your carpets dry within hours not days. This is where maintenance is so important. I strictly maintain my carpet cleaning truck-mount every 100 hours.


 We service from South Salt Lake City to Spanish Fork and everywhere in between. Carpet Cleaning in Draper Utah and we even service Park City and surrounding areas! 

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